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Data about Roblox games
💰 Asking price: $8k
💳 12mo revenue: $2k

Blade is a website that collects metrics about Roblox games and enables developers to access these historical metrics. We upsell users to Premium which includes some extra features such as alerting with custom rulesets when bad things happen as well as access to more historical data (free users are gated to 1 week whereas premium can go back much further). Our data goes back for some games as far as August 2019. Data includes historical revenue information for some games (Roblox intentionally broke the APIs to collect this a few months ago) as well as concurrent players, total plays, likes and dislikes over time. We use some of this data to calculate other data, for example we calculate and display average playtime over time for all games and expose that data to Premium users. Our customers include some of the biggest developers on the platform operating games worth millions of dollars.

Tech stack

Python, Flask on top of GCP

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