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Checkout Cosmoverse on Product Hunt -> We all love Spotify, don't we? It's great to discover new music every now and then. Well good news for all the Spotify fans, Cosmoverse takes music discovery to a whole new level. With Cosmoverse you can enjoy the top 10 songs your friends/peers are listening to Spotify provides us with all kinds of top songs playlist. But does it allow you to connect to your friends and find out the top songs they are streaming? No, this is what Cosmoverse brings to the table. Not only does it tell you the top songs but it also ranks the top 10 songs (which you can listen to on your Spotify account). What exactly you can do to make the most out of Cosmoverse? ✍️ You can create multiple groups. 🦾 You can invite more members to already created groups (via email invitation) ✉️ Ask invitees to accept the invitation and join groups. 🎧 Listen to freshly created Cosmoverse Top 10 songs on Spotify

Tech stack

Java, Svelte JS, Node.js

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