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Film Stack

The best resources to help you make amazing videos.
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Film Stack helps you 🔎 discover the best resources for making 🎥 amazing videos. I created Film Stack for one simple reason: spending time finding quality resources and tools to help make your videos is 😩 time-consuming​ and difficult, especially when you're on a tight budget. I’ve often found myself spending ⏳ hours and hours hunting for new places to find quality stock music, graphics or sources of inspiration. Over time I had built up a very large bookmark folder with all my go to tools and resources I’d curated. Inspired by the likes of Startup Stash and other curation sites - It felt natural to take those bookmarks and build out a new place where others could easily benefit and share these resources. Film Stack is a free resource to all. Film Stack could grow to become much more that a collection of resource and could serve film makers, videographers and anyone who wants to make videos for their products in a larger community sense.

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