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Remote Exam preparation, execution and grading with a single click
💰 Asking price: $10k

MisterJ helps teachers (or anyone else in need of exams) to create, prepare, execute and grade remote/online exams. It's a Web-App so it runs on any device with a Browser, ranging from a full-sized Desktop PC to something as simple as a SmartPhone. Students are automatically invited via E-Mail or get an Access Code from the teacher to participate. Everything on MisterJ is happening in real-time, the teacher even sees a real time progress-bar for the currently running exam, showing how many questions are already answered on average by the students/participants. Grading is also happening automatically and in real-time. This means that as soon as the exam is beeing collected/ended (either manually or automatically after/at a certain time) the stundents are able to see their temporary grade which they can then further discuss with the teacher until he finalizes the grades (also in real-time).

Tech stack

Node.js, Vue.js, Mongo DB,

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