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Vocabulary booster app that lets you store and practice your own words in 48 languages.
💰 Asking price: $20k
💳 12mo revenue: $7.5k

We created Reji to take on Anki, Quizlet, & co. We decided we could make a better flashcard app that would eventually let people get rid of notebooks they're using to write down new vocabulary while practicing a foreign language. We wanted to let them save words directly into Reji which would automatically pull up translations, images, definitions, pronunciation—all the things you may need to study the vocab. And after that you'd be able to practice the vocab using a bunch of spaced repetition powered learning modes—similarly to Quizlet, Anki, and others. Difference to Anki, Quizlet, etc: saving words in those apps is kinda tedious. You need to fill out both sides of flashcard—original, translation, transcription, image, etc—all by yourself. It means you'd need to translate the word you want to save first. We removed these lasts steps in Reji. It translates words for you, suggests definitions, images, etc. Learning is similar—you go through words and the app reminds you to repeat those you haven't memorized well or haven't repeated recently. The good old spaced repetition algorithm. Difference to Duolingo, Memrise, etc: those apps build their own curriculum that you have to follow. Reji tailors to your needs. You're in control of what to learn. Reji lets you create decks (lists) where you can save words that you want to practice in the future. It will only "teach" you what you saved yourself. It can be vocab from your language class, Netflix series, important words or phrases for your upcoming trip, anything. Reji was priced at $7.99 one-time on the App Store. It's only available for iPhone and iPad. In the last year, it was used by around 1,500 people monthly. When we announced the shutdown, users were very sour which proves that the app is very loved by the modest amount of users we managed to attract since the initial launch. Reason for sale: our other project, Mate Translate, has been showing spectacular growth over the last years. We want to laser-focus on it and make it the #1 translation software on the market.

Tech stack

Swift, UIKit, Kotlin, NodeJS

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