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Remote Workers – international online community

The leading online community of remote working professionals (with a custom built job board, Facebook group w/ 41,000 members & much more..)
💰 Asking price: $35k

This 4 year old community of remote workers is stronger than ever given the current state of the global work force. Huge opportunity! Built consistently since 2016 into a leading online community of remote working professionals. Offer includes a website w/ educational content, custom remote work job board, big active FB group & more Website: FB group: Remote Workers is an online community of remote working professionals. Facebook group with over 41,000 users and growing recently on a rapid scale (600-800+ new members every week). Other social media profiles include Instagram (11,000 followers) and others, email list (500+ emails of remote workers). Everything on is included. I've previously used it to organise a RemoteWorkers Camp (to teach people how to work remotely), or more recently built a job board but never had time to focus on it more due to my other business. But it's a shame that it is on hold and no one is monetising it, especially when it's growing due to coronavirus pandemic, that is why I'm offering it for sale. This is a great opportunity to use it for any existing product for remote professionals/remote teams, or turn this community into a profitable businesses via Affiliate, selling infomercial products, online courses, events, subscription or job board (companies are paying up to 300 USD for single job offer ad!). COMMUNITY WEBSITE & JOB BOARD Website: Remote Talent Marketplace (job board): SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook group: Instagram page: Includes also Facebook page and other SM profiles (Twitter, Linkedin etc.). Free video lessons: Why to buy Coronavirus made working from home commonplace overnight. The number of people working remotely has been increasing steadily over the past few years, thanks to digitalisation and automation, but now it will explode. During the pandemic, many companies were forced to work from home, and it made managers realise its benefits. Some might even cancel offices completely and stay fully or semi-distributed. Remote work is growing rapidly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Remote Workers community offers a unique opportunity to capitalise on that. Contact me for more information.

Tech stack

Symphony, Squarespace, CMS & other

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