Add Circle Sell your side projects - Protect & track your content.

Embed secret watermarks inside your text content to track usage and piracy.

Protect you⁡r⁠ ⁣c⁣o⁠n⁢t⁢e⁢n⁠t⁢ ⁢with an invisible digital fingerprint that you can track anywhere on the internet. Prevent unauthorized & illegal use of your content Track & verify ownership and licensed usage of your content Fingerprint content for specific users, websites or companies textmark wo⁡r⁣k⁠s⁣ ⁠o⁢n⁣ ⁠w⁢e⁠b⁠ ⁠p⁣a⁣g⁠e⁠s⁢,⁠ ⁣e⁢m⁢a⁠i⁠l⁣s⁢,⁠ ⁠b⁡log posts, social media posts, word docs, google docs and more. textmark even works if parts of your content are changed or deleted! Try it now here on

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