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The Herbal Resource

450+ original researched articles, High DA, 30k customer list, recurring revenue evergreen site
💰 Asking price: $30k
💳 12mo revenue: $6.6k

Herbal Supplement Resource was built over 15 years by a biologist and others to have over 450 well researched articles on medicinal herbs and their treatments. The site has a high DA (~50). The site has had some basic SEO but could use more. Engaged 5,600 person email list. Over 20,000 people on browser/mobile push notifications. When an email or push is sent out, there's a big spike in traffic showing audience engagement. In addition, there are hundreds of original botanical drawings for most of the herbs described which are beautiful and sought after. This site just needs some focus and would compliment another natural health site or ecommerce in the supplements or similar area. Its an untapped asset which is why my monetization is lower than it really should be. For example, it gets ~20 requests for sponsored posts per week which can each be ~$75-100 per with this DA. I only have bandwidth to do a few. Advertising has also not been optimized nor the affiliate links. If you're good at SEO and monetizing existing audiences, this is an untapped gem for you. All content is evergreen. You don't need to write any more.

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